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Web Design Manchester

What does your website say about your business? In today’s modern digital economy your websites is a representation of you and your business! At Creative Horizons, we offer a range of web design services to help your business grow in today’s ever-changing digital marketplace.


Your branding is what set’s you apart from your competition. It defines your products and services and make the difference between winning a new client or not being taken seriously. We specialise in creating quality brands that convey your message and can help win your perfect client.

What Our Clients Say!

We believe that seeing is believing, and with over 11 years of experience working with small businesses across the country, we’ve established ourselves as one of the UK’s most forward-thinking and reliable design & marketing agencies.

Here are what our clients have to say:

A complete 365 plan for

At Creative Horizons we understand that in order for our clients to achieve success in today’s fast passed digital economy they must have a multi-channel marketing strategy. Our new comprehensive 365 Digital Marketing Strategy delivers unprecedented brand awareness for businesses of all sizes no matter what their goals may be.

From market research and brand design through to web development and roll out, 365 gives you the tools the achieve complete online marketing success and serious returns.



It’s our goal to get to know what makes you, well you! By understanding your business and what makes you unique we can begin to bring together a design and brand that will bring your business to life. Every client we work with is important to use that’s why we always bring a fresh set of ideas to each project we work on.

Brand Design

Your brand is your identity, your businesses personality! It’s what your clients should be instantly identifying with and it’s what makes your business stand out from the crowd. Get it right and a strong brand can take your business to new heights! At Creative Horizons we’ve developed a unique branding process aimed at creating something truly special that can be carried out throughout your print and digital media.

Web Design

Your website in most cases is the first experience clients will have with you and your brand, this makes it one of the most important parts of your business. As well as being a representation of you and your business your website needs to be easy to use and functional on a range of devices. With over 11 years of design and development, our team are on hand to turn your newly designed brand into a fully customised website.

Establish Your Online Presence

Once your new brand and website are complete our team are ready to help you achieve the highest returns by supporting you to reach more of the right types of clients as quickly as possible. Through content distribution, social media and networking our team will help you deliver the right information to the right clients to help you convert your visitors into loyal customers and repeat business.

Get to know us!

With over 70 years of experience between us, we’ve acquired a diverse pool of talent to help support our clients. From all backgrounds and walks of life, our team is packed full of talent and we’re really excited for you to get to know us better!

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